Walking the Maine shore, it is difficult not to see close up the complexity and turbulence in the intertidal zone, the area between the low and high tide marks. It is a microcosm, a metaphor for the earth’s startling climatic change happening in our lifetime. My work is about the dramatic effect that water in all its forms has upon us and our environment.

Trained in representational oil technique, I migrated to acrylics for their spontaneity and ability to carry pigment in water on an absorptive paper substrate.  The flowing curves of a colorful zone washed by water and organic sea life adaptations (such as floating bladderworts) begin to reveal a shorthand typography of shapes often torn by turbulence. Water-based gelatin acrylic monoprint often forms the initial gesture which is the foundation for the paintings. I may add pencil, digital transfers, and oil when the piece demands.

More recently, I have looked at printmaking techniques such as woodcuts and linocuts in my search for a unique combination of media to suit my goals.